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Welcome Card: a pass for enhancing your visit to the area

The WELCOME CARD is the opportunity to enjoy the wealth and uniqueness of our territory, convenient and exciting, trying to stimulate the visitors to seize the different opportunities offered by Cremona and its territory. The WELCOME CARD proposes two themes that characterise our territory: the food products and music. The two issues are explored through Cremona Experience guided tours and Shop & Fun, but also in the menu proposed by the chef, in shops that welcome visitors with moments of entertainment and a chance to visit our artistic heritage at discounted prices. In this first edition of the new WELCOME CARD it is proposed that the package is offered to the city of Cremona, but the project will be extended soon to other locations of our excellent territories. The WELCOME CARD entitles you to get discounts and benefits for entrance to museums and theatres; menus of the local tradition and suggested drinks in the most characteristic places of the historical centre. FIXED PRICES; FREE TASTINGS in some delis of the historic city; Discounts in shops and travel agencies and in hotels.

The WELCOME CARD costs € 10,00, valid for one year (ending on 31/12/2015), is nominal and cannot be used by anyone else. The owner can get discounts and benefits more than once during the calendar year with the exception of guided tours that can be viewed once in a choice between “Cremona Experience” and “Shop & Fun”.

Tourist info on Cremona can be found at:
Info Point Cremona
Tel. 0372 407081

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