“The cremonese liutherie” Itinerary

We invite you to organize your school trips to the Nougat Festival during the week from the 21st to the 25th of November, period in which all the activity of the festival will be active and in which will be present the workshops and activities created especially for children and teens.

You will be able to take a walk in the center of Cremona tasting the best production of nougat and other sweets from every part of Italy and abroad; awaiting you is a rich program of initiatives in culture, food and wine, animation and entertainment without forgetting the educational side.

Different itineraries will be available according to the needs of the schools of every type and grade, below we offer the musical itinerary. We suggest you to check also the educational itinerary and touristic itinerary.

To pay tribute to Cremona and the prestigious recognition obtained of its most ancient and known artistic form, that is the Liutherie which, starting in December of 2012 became part of the Lis of UNESCO Cultural and Intangible Heritage, we considered dedicating to them a musical itinerary that will guide us through the magical world of the music, liutherie and of the Violin. Beyond the guided visit that will take the visitors through the rooms of the new born Violin Museum, violin auditions will be organized, the visit to a liuthiers’ shop where violins are completely built.


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Cremona has a liuthier patrimony of enormous interest: precious stringed instruments of the greatest masters of the classical age, instruments of the following Cremonese and Italian traditions, models that are winners of liuthierie contests starting from 1976 by the Ente Triennale of the stringed instruments and most recently by the Stradivari Foundation. To these are added the precious relics coming from the shop of Antionio Stradivari (we are talking about designs, models, forms, tools) luckily surviving and offered as donations to the city of Cremona in 1933 from the liuthier Giuseppe Fiorini

It is a complex of unique goods in their genre, all collected in the same city that was the cradle of classical Italian liutherie and that still today lives in a fruitful rapport with this productive sector thanks to the renowned international school of Liutherie and the active presence of about 150 liuthiers’ shops spread in the urban fabric. The ideal city, therefore to design and make a Violin Museum. A project that started thanks to the generosity of the entrepreneur Giovanni Arvedi and the Arvedi Buschini Foundation (Fondazione Arvedi Buschini) that along with the Cremona’s City Administration, offered the possibility of gathering in a single building, made for that single purpose, all the historical manufactured goods of liuthier interest present on the city’s territory.

The new Museum will tell the origin and the story of the violin, the building systems of the stringed instruments and their technical and acoustic peculiarities, the story of the most important families of Cremonese liuthiers, the impressive and long lasting dissemination of the Cremonese violin around the world. At the same time will give adequate emphasis to the nurtured series of masterpieces formed of the collections now relocated in the Palazzo Comunale and in the Museo Civico Ala Ponzone, as well as the masterpieces in temporary exhibit of Friends of Stradivari: regarding the works of Andrea Amati, Antonio and Girolamo Amati, Nicolò Amati, Antonio Stradivari, Francesco Rugeri, Giuseppe Guarneri son of Andrea and of the son Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, to which are added those realized by Carlo Bergonzi, Ferdinando Gagliano, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini made available by private collectors.

The museum will also give ample space to the musical execution, destined to render resonant and anteractive a place in which the instruments are usually locked away in protective showcases, designed to adequately receive such delicaste objects. It will therefore be possible to listen in various points of the exhibit, and particularly in an expressly made room, fragments of concerts, exhibitions of celebrated instrumentalists, interviews with virtuoso and protagonists of the world of violin, violion compositions of famous artists and others made specially for this place, without forgetting that the museum possesses a wide auditorium for the real concert performances.

The most advanced technological and exhibition solutions allow – since Spring 2013 – fascinating interactive exploration, particularly in a zone of exhibition entirely dedicated to this end and to the physical involvement of the visitor. At the same time various scientific initiatives and of deepening, supported by the research activity and meetings of international specialists will make the Violin Museum an extraordinary center of attraction in the scenario of world liutherie, a space thought out for the demands of the specialists and at the same time for the educational and cultural exposure.

Hours: Open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am to 18 pm.

Admission price: €10 adults and €7 discounted.


A unique museum in the world to meet the sovereign instrument in Cremona: the violin. The origins, the story of the stringed instruments, the executive practices through the different historical periods, the golden centuries of the Cremonese liuthierie (from the 1500’s to the 1700’s), the objects and original tools coming from the shop of Antonio Stradivari, the life and the secrets of the great Cremonese liuthiers of the Amati, Guarneri and Stradivari families.

The museum hosts musical instruments of invaluable historical and artistic values: the collection of ancient instruments constructed by the representatives of all three families of Cremonese master liuthiers, the violins of the collection of Friends of Stradivari and the winning instruments of the Concorso Triennale organized in Cremona since 1976.

INFO Target Turismo guided visits on reservation: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163info@targetturismo.comwww.targetturismo.com


Visit the prized Carlo Alberto Carutti Collection hosted in the Pinacotheca of Via Ugolani Dati. The collection represents one of the most important collections of stringed instruments by quality, rarity and conservation state of the instruments that make up the collection. The collection spans four centuries of liutherie and is made of over sixty instruments some of which belonged to notorious collectors, musician and members of the aristocracy. In addition to the interesting violins, viola, viola d’amore, kit violin and hurdy-gurdies, are present about fifty pizzicate stringed instruments among which guitars, english guitars, mandolins and lutes, built by the main European artisans active in th eXVII, XVIII and XIX centuries. Among these we remember some representatives of the prestigious dynasties of liuthiers such as Voboam, Fabricatore, Guadagnini, Pons, Panormo, Stauffer, and formidable builders some of which Fedele Barnia, Gérard Deleplanque, Jean-Nicolas Lambert, René Lacôte, Nicolas Grobert and Antonio de Torres. Also exhibited is the guitar built by the French liuthier Aubry-Marie, belonging to the spanish singer Lorenzo Pagans portrayed while sounding it in a painting of Edgar Degas.

INFO Target Turismo guided visits on reservation: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163 – info@targetturismo.com www.targetturismo.com


The itinerary takes place in the streets of the historical downtown searching for the ancient Renaissance palaces, such as Palazzo Fodri which still today conserves the splendid Renaissance friezes in terracotta, no forgetting the Piazza del Comune with the monuments that overlook it: Duomo (exterior and interior), Battistero (exterior), Loggia dei Militi (exterior), Palazzo Comunale (ecterior and eventual visit to the representing rooms in the interior), Torrazzo (exterior). Not to be missed in a look at the shop of the liuhtiers that continue the ancient Cremonese traditions of building stringed instruments, to the Giardini di Piazza Roma with the tomb of Antonio Stradivari and the zone of Isola, the ancient liuthiers auqarters.

Duration: 2 and a half hours

Target group: groups of adults or students

The route does not include paid entrances, reservation is required

Information and reservations: Associazione Guide Turistiche “Il Ghirlo”:

mobile 333/7376750, info@ilghirlo.it www.ilghirlo.it

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