Educational itinerary for schools

Sgp is the company that has taken care of the organization of the Nougat Festival for ten years.



We invite you to organize your school field trips to the Nougat Festival (Festa del Torrone) during the week of the 20th to the 24th of November, period in which all the activities of the festival will be active and in which will be available workshops and activities created especially for children and teens.

You can take a walk in downtown Cremona tasting the best production of nougat and sweets originating from every part of Italy and abroad; awaiting you is a rich program of cultural, food and wine, shows and entertainment initiative without leaving the educational content.

Different itinerary will be possible according to the demands of the schools of every degree, below we propose the educational itinerary. We suggest consulting also the touristic and musical itinerary.

The Educational Service of the Museum System of the City of Cremona offers schools different itinerary, lessons and workshops, linked to the historical, artistic and scientific naturalistic heritage of the city, conducted by experts in every single disciplines.

In the museums the experts welcome the students to visit the collections, with possible thematic insight through slide projections and practical workshops.
The museums, in fact, are equipped with study rooms where the lessons and workshop take place.

From Piazza Maggiore to Sant’Agata … the two souls of the city of Cremona

From the Old City to the “Cittanova”: a journey to get to know the two main political factions of the city in medieval times, the Nobles and the Population. Analysis will be made not only of the struggles between the two groups, but also the headquarters and medieval life of Cremona.

Itineray: Piazza del Comune, Palazzo Comunale (exterior and interior), Loggia dei Militi (exterior), Battistero (exterior), Piazza Stradivari (Palazzo del Capitano, exterior), Torre dei Torresini (exterior), Palazzo Cittanova (exterior), Chiesa di Sant’Agata (exterior).

Duration: 2 hours

Target public: groups of adults or students

The journey does not include paying admissions, reservations are required

Information and reservations: Associazione Guide Turistiche “Il Ghirlo” 333/7376750 or

Visits to the collections:

Picture Gallery:

The picture gallery of the Civic Museum “Alla Ponzone”, located in the sixteenth century Palazzo Affaitati, is organized with a sporting course in chronological order, from the thirteenth century to present days.

For the schools it is proposed meetings with the goal to discover the formation of the collection, the museum’s structure, the correct procedures for the conservation and protection of works of art, the painterly evolution throughout the centuries, the painterly techniques.

In the Civic Museum Alla Ponzone has just been opened to the public the precious Collection of historical stringed instruments of Carlo Alberto Carutti. The collection represents one the most important collection of plucked instruments due to the quality, the rarity and the conservation state of the instruments that are part of it. It retraces four centuries of liuthery and is formed of over sixty instruments some of which belonged to notorious collectors, musicians and members of aristocracy.

Archeological Museum:

In the deconsecrated church of San Lorenzo is set the new Archeological Museum, dedicated to Roman Cremona. For the school, activities aimed at the deepening of specific  areas of the daily life of the Roman Age (the house, the gardens, the religion, games, etc.)

Violin Museum:

In the Museum are converged the historical collections of the Stradivarian Museum and the Collection of the Archi di Palazzo Comunale as well as the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Liutehry that gather the prized instruments with gold medal at the Triennial International Competition of String Instruments  “Antonio Stradivari”.

Civic Museum of Natural History:

The journey starts with the historical section and follows with a systematic passage through the single disciplines to arrive to the reading of our territory.
Lessons at the museum: mineralogy, petrography, paleontology, botany, zoology, Padan Plain, the city upside down: water, power and matter cycle.

Museum of Farm Life “Il Cambonino Vecchio”:

The history and the traditions of the countryside of a typical Cremonese farm. A look at the structures and buildings will give way to a more careful consideration of the “closed court” farm.
Visiting the farm, objects used for house work and some work in the farmhouse and fields will be presented.
Lesson at the museum: visiting the farm, working the fields, working at the farmhouse.

International School of Liuthery:

The institute born in 1938, is the only world reference aimed at the training of liuthiers according to the dictates of the classical Cremonese liutherie.


Picture gallery, The rooms for the music (Le stanze per la musica): € 5,00 student discount

Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico): € 3,00 per person

Museum of Natural History (Museo di Storia Naturale): free

Museum of Farm Life (Museo della Civiltà Contadina): free

Violin Museum (Museo del Violino): € 10 adults and € 7 discounted

Combination Ticket: € 5,00 (Civic, The rooms for the music and Archaeological)

Combination Ticket: € 10,00 (Civic, The rooms for the music, Archaeological and Violin Museum)


Picture Gallery:

– To see the museum through the amazement of a told story

– The canvas comes alive

– The portrait

– A painter’s flower

– Animals, legendary creatures and monsters that watch us from the paintings in the museum

– My very own painting (Theoretical and practical workshop)

– The artistic techniques (Theoretical workshop)

– Workshop on colors (Practical workshop)

– The tempera on panel (Practical workshop)

– The oil colors (Practical workshop)

The Rooms for the Music:

– Once upon a time there was a player of… stories told with guitars, lutes, mandolins, hurdy-gurdy

– Discovering the guitar

– Vibrato, glissando, tremolo, pizzicato… the math of harmony

– The music for stringed instruments

Archaeological Museum:

the everyday life in Cremona in the Roman Age, building a mosaic, simulation of a dig, analysis and filing of the finds, the writing in the ancient world, working clay with the “a colombino” technique.

Museum of Natural History:

mineralogy, lessons and microscopic observation of micromineral, biology: microscope observation of unicellular organisms, river workshop, environment, city that proposes an interdisciplinary reading of the history of our river and our territory, project east: the plains beyond the plains, evolution and biodiversity in Padan Plains.

Farmhouse Museum “Il Cambonino Vecchio”:

Farina del Mio Sacco – My Own Work (milling art and technique), Filo da Torcere – Weaving Wires (textiles fibers and the way to work them), I Nonni Giocavano – The Grandpas Played (construction of a period toy), De’es mizüure, en ta’i – Measure Twice, Cut Once (woodwork workshop), Orpo che orto – Such A Garden (horticulture workshop).

For information and prices of the workshops you can contact:

Ufficio sezione didattica del Sistema Museale della città di Cremona – Educational Section Office of the Museum System of the City of Cremona Cremona fra arte e musica – Cremona between art and music

Palazzo Affaitati

Via Ugolani Dati, 4 – 26100 Cremona

Phone: 0372 407269 – Fax: 0372 407268

working hours:

From Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 13:00, Wednesdays from 08:30 to 16:30


For the children and teenagers, the Violin Museum proposes a wide variety of educational initiatives and workshops to get to know the fascinating world of the stringed instruments of Cremona and their beuilders. The visits and themed journeys develop traces of deepening by age and competence, to give to each one the pleasure of the discovery and the declined learning in a pleasant and fun way.

At the Violin Museum also the smallest can discover – thanks to a multimedia journey – precious and strange musical instruments, curious and somewhat magical objects, let yourself be fascinated by the ability of the liuthiers who, today as in the past, know how to turn the wood and varnish prepared with secret alchemy into delicious sound and melodious as the human voice.

Multimedia installations and a rich documentary kit allows each visitor to do an impressive and involving journey where instruments, smells, sounds and images compete to shape the story, dreams and emotions.

Magic and secrets in the shop of Uncle Strad

To get to now closely the building method of a violin: the woods, the big and small tools of the artisan (chisels, hand plane, card scrapers etc.), the designs and peculiar interior shapes of the Cremonese traditions.

Goodness how it sounds!

With the help of multimedia support the children/teens are taken to discover the voice and tone of some stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, contrabass).

Solfami’s Workshop

Entering the shop of a smith, Pythagoras discovers the secret of the musical consonance and harmony between sounds. Through acoustic experiences you can discover the phenomenon of the sound diffusion.

Reservations and informations

Contact: Phone 0372-801801


(guided tours for children from 3 to 10 years of age with creative educational workshops)

A journey dedicated to the charming medieval parks and its monuments rich with history and fascination: the cathedral, told in tales of historical and religious characters and rediscovered through the colors of the stones, the frescoes and the ancient altars that render it wonderful;  the octogonal Battistero with its majestic vault; the Torrazzo, a unique bell tower that reveals its secrets; the Palazzo Comunale which evokes scenes of medieval life and history.

Educational workshop with options between:

The city’s Palace: Let’s have fun filling the emblem of the city of Cremona with fabric and golden ribbons.

The secrets of the Torrazzo: We reproduce together the astronomical clock of the Torrazzo and decorate with brushes and colors.

The most beautiful story ever told: With the colors we paint the history of Jesus and Maria, or we paint with fantasy the facade of the cathedral.

Eight faces in the square: Let’s decorate a small baptistery in cardboard, cutting and pasting with creativity.

INFO Target Turismo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163


(with creative educational workshop)

From the deconsecrated basilica of San Lorenzo, where the archaeological museum can be found, an interesting themed journey taking to the discovery of the Roman origins of Cremona, with the deepening of various aspects linked to the public space, private space and the necropolis; the visit also provides a visit to a Roman basalt street and the projection of an interactive movie/cartoon taking place in 69 A.D.

Educational workshop: We make a mosaic inspired by those in the archaeological museum and have fun by retracing the day in the life of a senator in Cremona in the Ist Century.

INFO Target Turismo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163


(with creative educational workshop)

The architectural grid of the Torrazzo rises tall in the wonderful medieval square and imposes before the eyes of passersby with its beauty and elegance.

The climb of the tower has surprises and interesting dicoveries: this particular architectural structure, the astronomical clock with its ancient mechanism, the sundial to calculate the exact hour, the bells in A major, the relics of the saints, the legend of nougat… and much more to discover with a tour guide from Target Turismo.

Educational Workshop: Together we reproduce the astronomical clock of the Torrazzo and decorate with easels and paint.

INFO Target Turismo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347


(with creative educational workshop)

The rich collection of the civic museum Alla Ponzone is unveiled to the little visitors through a unique treasure hunt: led by a specialized tour guide the children and/or youngsters can appreciate the fascination of the art and themselves become the main characters of an enthusiastic cognitive experience.

Educational Workshop: We have available various educational proposals so that the children can make their own work of art with different techniques and materials.

INFO Target Turismo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163


(with educational workshop)

It was the year 1441 when a young girl called Bianca Maria was given in marriage to a valorous leader named Francesco. The wedding is celebrated is the sumptuous city of Cremona, among knights and ladies, rejoiced by the sound of festive music and a very special sweet: the nougat…

Through the narration of a compellingstory the children meet the protagonists of the Nougat Festival, and have fun making with paper, fabric and various materials various characters of the tale (Bianca Maria, Francesco Sforza, a musician and a courtier.

INFO Target Turismo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163


(with creative educational workshop)

Discover with us the story of a very original painter, who became famous thanks to his unusual and creatively rich paintings… we will reveal to you many small mysteries present in his paintings and we will help you make your “arcimboldean” character. The educational workshop offers an in depth visit of the painting L’ortolano by Giuseppe Arcimboldo exposed in the pinacotheca with artistic and historical references on the work, on the author and the genre of still life. Through the help of the operator the children are called to understand the symbolism and the art techinque used by the painter.

INFO Target Turismo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163


(with creative educational workshop)

The children enter the magical world of liutherie: in a traditional shop discover the steps for the construction of a violin according to the classical Cremonese method, they can touch the woods, smell the perfume of the resins, see close up how the violin’s body is shaped. After that they become protagonists of an immersive experience of building a cardboard violin. Through this activity (cutting the shapes and parts of the violin, f hole designs, preparation of the bridge, assembly, stringing) their curiosity and fantasy will be stimulated and they will have a way to focus their own attention on the various parts that make a musical instruments.

INFO Target Tursimo: Phone 0372 800842 – Mobile 347 6098163


The figure of Bianca Maria Visconti (1425 – 1468) is the focus of this itinerary that touches some of the most important places connected to her life. Born in Pavese territory, she maintained a close connection to Cremona, her dowry city. And it’s exactly from this city that our travel starts, that will touch also Castelleone with the Santuario di Santa Maria in Bressanoro, financed by the duchess to perform an express vote when a daughter was in danger of life. The sanctuary is distinguishable by the singularity of the central plant, the first to be made in Lombardy before the arrival of Bramante and for the splendid decorations in terracotta made by Rinaldo de Stauris. Finally, not forgetting Milan, the capital of the Duchy, as well as center of the economical interests and patronage of the Dukes who were always distinguished in promoting the construction of religious and civil buildings, such as the Church of Santa Maria Incoronata or Hospital Maggiore, the modern State University, including Castle Sforzesco, current location of important museums and libraries, but erected by order of Francesco Sforza over the remains of the preceding Rocca Viscontea. The sights also include the zone of the Duomo, where on the 25th of March, 1450 was held the official ceremony of the Dukes’ arrival at the city.

Duration: the itinerary can take place in a whole day otherwise in two days according to the location selected.

Target audience: groups of adults or students

Locations to visit:

Cremona: S. Sigismondo, Piazza del Comune, S. Agostino

Castelleone: S. Maria in Bressanoro

Milano: Castello Sforzesco, S. Maria Incoronata, ex Ospedale Maggiore, Duomo (exterior, interior optional).

Reservations are required

Information and reservations: Associazione Guide Turistiche “Il Ghirlo”:

Mobile 333 7376750,


The itinerary unravels between the streets of the historical center in search of old renaissance palaces, such as Palazzo Fodri which still conserves the splendid Renaissance friezes in terracotta, without forgetting the Piazza del Comune with the monuments that overlook it: Duomo (exterior and interior), Battistero (exterior), Loggia dei Militi (exterior), Palazzo Comunale (exterior and eventually visit to the interior representation rooms), Torrazzo (exterior). Not to miss also a look at the liuthiers’ shops that maintain the ancient Cremonese tradition of building stringed instruments, also the Giardini di Piazza Roma with the tomb of Antonio Stradivari and the are of Isola, old neighborhood of the liuthiers.

Duration: 2 hours and a half

Target audience: groups of adults or students

The course does not include paid entries, reservation is required

Information and reservations: Associazione Guide Turistiche “Il Ghirlo”:

Mobile 333 7376750,

Centro Fumetto “Andrea Pazienza” – Cremona


Articulate presentation of the main genres of comic books published in Italian with relative historical and technical contextualization.

The operator will show volumes and periodicals adequate to the type of class visiting the structure, of which will also be explained, briefly, the story and function. Following are the reading proposals at the location.

Duration: from one to two hours

Group Cost: free


How to make a comic book: essential exhibit of the basic notions. After which will be proposed to the students the realization of brief comic book sequences.

It is also included a brief presentation of the structure and of the proposed activities with reading proposal that take place in the location.

The workshop has the following objectives: working on the concept of sequentiality, stimulating the fantasy through the realization of endings that develop or conclude pre-made strips.

Duration: two/three consecutive hours

Group cost: €60,00 per class

Contact information for the Centro Fumetto:

Reference: Michele Ginevra

Piazza Giovanni XXIII, 1 – 26100 Cremona

Phone: 0372 22207

email: info@cfapaz.or – Web:

Pioggia Sonora – Sound Rain in front of Arcimboldo, only at Cremona you listen to paintings

Starting September 5th in the Pinacotheca of the Civic Museum Ala Ponzone, via Ugolani Dati, 4

Thought of by Michele Bozzetti, the Pioggia Sonora – Sound Rain is an acoustic comment that originates and empowers the emotional experience of the viewing of the opera Scherzo di Ortaggi of Arcimboldo, and which creates a critical and interpretative “speech” around the painting. Using a highly directional enclosed loudspeaker, the visitor who approaches the painting is surprised by another non-visual presence: the music, as “sound critic” of the work. It is a sound rain which values the contemplative dimensions in relation to the painting and thanks to the collaboration with the Departmen of Musicology of Cremona, offers an author’s playlist which gives a tailored value to its pertinence, on the linguistic precision and its communicative and emotional strength. An honest to goodness musical curating signed off by Angela Romagnoli from the Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage of Cremona from the University of Pavia spanning from Claudio Monteverdi to Anton von Webern.


Choose to travel with Trenord in a group (at leat 10 paying people) and enjoy the advantages: discounts up to 20% on the adult prices provided the group uses the trains that admit groups, properly indicated on the official timetable of Trenord.

It is important to remember that the discounts apply on the simple fare tickets with minimal cost of €1.30 and are not cumulative with other promotions.

Ask for a quotation for your trip by filling out the MODULO DI RICHIESTA COMITIVE, available in the dedicated area of the Trenord website and send it via email to the address

To carry out a travel booking request it is necessary to follow the same procedure keeping in mind however to send the MODULO at least 5 working day (mon – sat) before the departure date.

For further information: or Number Contact Center (keypad 6)

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