Saint Sigismund Church

The monastery of Saint Sigismund extraordinarily opens its doors on the occasion of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza’s wedding re-enactment.

The church, which was handed to the Gerolomini monks in mid-15th century and was rebuilt starting from the 20th June 1463, when the first stone was laid and is still visible today behind the main altar, was commissioned by Bianca Maria Visconti in memory of her wedding to Francesco Sforza, which took place in 1441 in the primitive church dedicated to Saint Sigismund by the “Vallambrosiani” friars. The construction of the church was completed in 1492.

It is one of the most significant decorative complex examples of northern Italian Mannerism of the 1500s, and although it is the result of the work of different artists, it is harmonious and uniform in style. It holds some indisputably important traditional artworks such as: The Apocalypse by Giovanni Battista Natali, The Last Supper by Tommasi Aleni, a 16th century painter from Cremona known as “il Fadino”, and a fresco by Beccaccino depicting “The Adulteress before Christ”;

the  latter has a peculiarity which hasn’t been deciphered yet, all of the people’s eyes in the painting are missing pupils.

In that little Vallambrosiani friars church (first recorded in a 1153 document, entitled to Saint Sigismund in 1253), Duchess Bianca Maria Visconti, Lady of Cremona, and Francesco Sforza, future Lord of Milan, were joined in holy marriage on 25th October 1441.

The existence of mysterious artworks both in the church and the monastery is what makes this place so interesting.

The refectory, following the arrival of the Dominican cloistered nuns, can only be visited on few special occasions and the treasures it holds inside are extremely significant and extremely precious, because of how rare these visits are.

Saint Sigismund is also really close to the majestic Cremona Cathedral, heart of the Festa del Torrone

Saint Sigismund Church follows these opening hours from Monday to Sunday: from 6.45 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6.30 pm

Largo Bianca Maria Visconti 3, CREMONA

For information call: Dominican Nuns Convent, tel. num. 0372 801700

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