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locGITAWe invite you to organise your School Trips to the Festa del Torrone during the week 17th to 21st
November, a period in which all the activities of the FESTA will be in operation and which will include workshops and activities specially created for children and young people.
You will be able to walk in the centre of Cremona tasting the best productions of nougat and sweets from all over Italy and abroad. A varied programme is offered of cultural, culinary, animation and entertainment events not forgetting the educational value to these experiences.
Levels and ideas will be different depending on the needs of schools and its age ranges, we offer the following educational tour. Please consult also the musical journey and tourism.

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The Educational Service of the Museum System of the City of Cremona has several topics and programmes to offer to schools, lessons and workshops related to the historical, artistic and scientific nature of the city, led by experts in their individual expertise. 
Experts in the museums welcome students to visit the collections, with a variety of topics for
discussion, analysis through a slide show and handson workshops. The museums are equipped with classrooms and laboratories where classes are held.


Visit the collections:

PinacotecaMuseo_Civico_Ala_Ponzone_a_Cremona-img62-01-1: The gallery of the Museo Civico “Ala Ponzone “, located in the sixteenth century Palazzo Affaitati, is organised with an exhibition tour in chronological order, from the thirteenth century to the contemporary age.
For schools workshops are aimed at raising the awareness of the formation of the collection, the museum structure, procedures that are responsible for the conservation and preservation of the works, the pictorial evolution over the centuries and the painting techniques that were used.
The valuable collection of historical stringed instruments “Carlo Alberto Carutti” at the Museo Civico Ala Ponzone was recently opened to the public. This represents one of the most important collections of plucked instruments for their quality, rarity and conservation status. It traces four centuries of violin making and consists of over sixty instruments, some of which belonged to famous collectors, musicians and members of the aristocracy.

Museum of the Violin: The brand new museum covering five centuries of violin making, through a direct encounter with the great masters – Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri – and their masterpieces, following a balanced trace of art and craftsmanship, creativity and tradition that comes from the workshops of the late Renaissance to the present day.
The recently opened museum includes the collections of historical instruments of the Stradivarius Museum and the Collection of the Archi di Palazzo Comunale and also the ‘Permanent Collection of Contemporary Violin Making’ this collection brings together all the instruments awarded a gold medal at the International Triennial Competition of Stringed Instrument Making with Bow “Antonio Stradivari”.

Archaeological Museum: n the deconsecrated church of San Lorenzo it is home to the new Archaeological Museum, dedicated to Roman Cremona. For schools, we offer activities for a deeper
understanding of specific areas of daily life in Roman times (the house, the gardens, the religion, the games, etc.).

Museum of Natural History: The tour begins with the historical section and continues with a systematic passage through the individual subjects to get to know the geography of the area.

Lessons in the Museum: mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, botany, zoology, Po Valley, the city upside down: the water, energy and matter cycles.

Museum of Rural Life “Il Cambonino Vecchio”:cambonino 02The history and traditions of Cremona. An overview of the structure and the buildings will give the opportunity for a more careful consideration of the farm to “corte chiusa” a typical farm of the region.
Visiting the farm, you will be presented with objects used for household chores and some tools for work on the farm and in the fields.
Lessons at the Museum: visit to the farm, working in the fields, work on the farm.

International School of Violin Making: the institute founded in 1938, is the only global benchmark aimed at the formation of luthiers according to the principles of classical Cremonese violin making.



– Pinacoteca, rooms for music: € 5.00 reduction for schools
– Archaeological Museum: € 3,00 per person
– Museum of Natural History: Free
– Museum of Rural Life: Free
– Combined ticket: € 5.00 (Civic rooms for music and Archaeology)
– Cumulative Ticket: € 10.00 (Civic rooms for music, and Museo Archeologico del Violino)



Art Gallery
– Through a story learn about the museum
– The canvas comes alive
– The portrait
– A flower of a famous artist
– Animals, legendary creatures and monsters are watching us from the paintings in the museum
– A picture created by yourself (theory and practical workshop)
– The artistic techniques workshop (theory)
– Workshop about colour (hands-on workshop)
– Painting with tempera paint on wood (hands-on workshop)
– Oil painting (hands-on workshop)
The Rooms of Music:
 – There once was a player of … stories told on guitars, lutes, mandolins, ghironda
– Discovering the guitar
– Vibrato, glissando, tremolo, pizzicato … the mathematics of harmony
– The music for string instruments
Archaeological Museum: Daily life in Cremona in Roman times, you will construct a mosaic, simulation of the excavation, analysis and cataloging of artifacts, writing in the ancient world, working with clay using the “coiling” method.
Museum of Natural History: Mineralogy, lesson and microscopic observation of small minerals, biology microscope for the observation of single-celled organisms, laboratory river environment, a city that offers an interdisciplinary reading of the history of our river and our territory, east project: the plain over the plain, evolution and biodiversity in the Po valley.
 Farmhouse Museum “The Old Cambonino”: My bag of flour (art and milling technique), a craftsman’s skill (textile fibres and their processing), grandparents toys (construction of a vintage toy), from the silk worm ( silk worm rearing workshop), de’es mizüure, en Ta’i (carpentry workshop), orpo che orto (horticultural vegetable and fruit workshop).
For information and rates of workshops, please contact:
Office didactic section of the Museum System of the city of Cremona
Palazzo Affaitati
Via Ugolani Data, 4-26100 Cremona
Telephone 0372 407269 – Fax: 0372 407268
From Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.00; Wednesdays from 8.30 to 16.30
To children of all ages, the Museum of the Violin offers a wide variety of educational initiatives and workshops to learn about the fascinating world of stringed instruments in Cremona and their manufacturers. All the workshops are organised and themed to the different age range and skills of the children. So, giving everyone the pleasure of enjoying learning through their experiences and having fun.
At the Violin Museum even the little ones can discover – thanks to a specialised multimedia route for children – unusual and precious musical instruments that are fascinating and curious objects. The children can be enchanted by the skills and ability of the luthiers that today as in the past know how to make a violin from wood. The violin with its specially prepared varnish, takes from the wood a sweet and melodious sound to give the instrument a sound like a human voice.
Multimedia installations and a rich set of documents allow each visitor to create a journey through the museum where evocative and engaging tools, smells, sounds and images combine to shape history, dreams and emotions.
Spells and secrets in the workshop of Uncle Strad
To get to know the method of construction of a violin: the woods, the large and small tools of the craftsman (gouges, the planes, the scrapers etc..), Designs and internal forms peculiar to the Cremonese tradition.
That sure sounds like!
With the help of the media, children and young people are led to the discovery of the voice and the tone of some stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass).
Now I create my own violin
Children can be a part of a of a unique and engaging experience with the construction of a violin in cardboard. With imagination and creativity they are encouraged to focus their attention on the various parts that make up a musical instrument, and to draw, colour, cut and reassemble musical instruments.
On the wings of the sound
Through fun activities and simple experiments, the children are taken on a journey of acquisition of musical parameters (sound/silence, sound/noise, height, intensity, duration, speed).
The Solfamì workshop
Entering the shop of a blacksmith, Pythagoras discovered the secret of musical consonance and harmony between the sounds. Through acoustic experiences you get to discover the phenomenon of diffusion of sound.
 Reservations and information
Contact: Tel 0372-801801

From the deconsecrated church of San Lorenzo, where he set up the archaeological museum, an interesting themed path leads to the discovery of the Roman origins of Cremona, there is the possibilty to discover different aspects of public and private spaces of the ancient houses and the necropolis/graveyard; The visit includes a visit to a Roman paved road and the screening of a movie / interactive cartoon set in 69 AD
 INFO Tourism Target: Tel. 0372 800842 – Cell. 347 6098163 –
I segreti del Torrazzo (Secrets of Torrazzo Tower)
The architectural grandness of the imposing Torrazzo Tower stands high in the beautiful medieval square and establishes itself before the eyes of passersby with its beauty and elegance.
The climb up the tower surprises and leads to interesting discoveries: the special architectural structure, the astronomical clock with its ancient mechanism, sundials to calculate the exact time, the bells in A flat, the relics of the saints, the legend of nougat … and much more to explore with a guide Target Turismo.
INFO Target Turismo: Tel. 0372 800842 – Cell. 347 6098163 –
Stories and anecdotes are told to learn about Cremona at the time of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza reliving the atmosphere of the life of the Renaissance courts of their rich culture, art, music..
INFO Tourism Target: Tel. 0372 800842 – Cell. 347 6098163 –
Caccia al tesoro nel Museo (Treasure Hunt in the Museum)
The rich collection of the Ala Ponzone museum reveals itself to the young visitors through a special treasure hunt. Accompanied by a specialist guide the young tourists will appreciate the charm of art and become active participants through an enthusiastic experience.
INFO Target Turismo: Tel. 0372 800842 – Cell. 347 6098163 –
All the tours are organised by Target Turismo can be linked to a workshop that last between one or two hours at the museums of Cremona.
Following the tour or after completing the workshop the children will be given a gift.
Cost per group:
€ 85.00 per group with a 2hour guided tour.
€ 60.00 per group for participating in a museum workshop. 
Booking necessary – Target Turismo (Elena Piccioni)
Tel. 0372 800842 – Cell. 347 6098163 – email: – www.targetturismo.

“Viaggio alla scoperta dei fumetti” (Journey to the discovery of comics)
Comic Centre “Andrea Pazienza” – Cremona
An exhibition of the most important published comics translated into Italian and including the history and technique used by the illustrator and publisher.
The operator will display books and periodicals appropriate to the class on its visit to the Centre and a presentation of the workings of the Comic Centre.
There will be the possibility to read the comics during the visit.
Duration: from one to two hours
Rate Group: Free
As fast as lightning comic workshop
The Comic Centre “Andrea Pazienza” – Cremona
How do you make a comic: learning about the basics of creating a comic.
Afterwards, students will be able to create a brief sequence of drawings to make their own comic.
A brief overview is also provided in order to see the daily operation of the centre and to participate in the organised workshops, along with the possibility to read a selection of comics during the visit.
The workshop has the following aims: to work on the concept of sequence and to use the imagination in order to complete the comic strips already set.
Duration: Two / three consecutive hours
Group Rate: € 60.00 per class

Contact the Comic Centre:
Contact: Michele Ginevra
Piazza Giovanni XXIII, 1-26100 Cremona
Phone: 0372 22207
e-mail: – Web:



The Ristotorrone has become a referral service for many tourists and groups of visitors.
Given the record turnout of visitors from the last years festival there will be a restaurant within a marquee in Piazza Roma from November 15th to 23rd, with a full menu of dishes typical of Cremona. The Ristotorrone will be promoted on the printed programme and on the website.
The schools can make use of this dedicated area for their lunch break between one activity and another.
Menu Reduced rate of € 8 instead of € 12
A choice between the first 2 courses, side dishes and desserts are listed in the menu and a half litre of mineral water.
For fast track bookings, please call 346 49 50 646 (Vittorio) or e-mail

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